Maria Martinez Ayerza and Petri Arvo

Diploma Level

at Victoria House, Lyme Regis

29th November - 3rd December 2019

Limited to a maximum of 12 players

Maria Martinez Ayerza

Maria Martinez Ayerza

María Martínez Ayerza studied the recorder in Seville and Amsterdam (MMus, 2006) and Musicology at the University of Amsterdam (MA, 2009). She is a fervent performer of consort and chamber music with her ensembles The Royal Wind Music, Seldom Sene, ÆroDynamic and Audi Alteram.

Maria is Recorder Consort Professor at the Royal College of Music in London and has taught courses and masterclasses in The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, England and Australia.

Between 2006-2014 she performed over 600 short concerts for children aged 0-6 in cooperation with The Memorable Moments Foundation in Amsterdam.

She is also the editor-in-chief of Blokfluitist, the only specialised recorder magazine published in Dutch, and co-initiator of the Open Recorder Days Amsterdam, a biennial four-day international festival and competition that will be held for the third time in October 2017.

For more information, please see her website:

Petri ArvoPetri Arvo

Petri specialises in the recorder and historic bassoon. He graduated with master’s degrees from the Sibelius Academy and the Amsterdam and Brussels conservatories. He now works as a musician in a wide range of styles from medieval music to contemporary music. He is a member of The Royal Wind Music, Ensemble Nylandia, Ensemble Un'altra ondata and Café Barock Finland.


About the course

For many of the sessions on this course participants will play in 2 or 3 one-to-a-part groups, coming together every evening.  There will be a wide variety of music, but with a special focus on renaissance music reflecting the experience and knowledge that Maria and Petri have gained as key members of the Royal Wind Music.  Renaissance recorders will be available to borrow, or bring your own.

Petri hopes to attend the whole course, but will certainly be there throughout the weekend.

The timetable is flexible and will vary according to the needs and wishes of those attending; there are usually 4 one-and-a-half hour sessions each full day.  The early part of each afternoon is free for relaxation, exploring Lyme Regis or informal recorder playing.

The course starts at 4.00pm on Friday 29th November and will finish at 11.30am on Tuesday 3rd December.


Prices are as follows:

Single occupancy    £530

2 players, sharing    £425 each

Couple sharing, one playing    £670

A £90 deposit is required per person on booking, with the balance to be paid at least one month before the course. Click here to use our online booking form.

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